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Molecular PCR COVID-19 Test

Molecular PCR Test (Sent to External Lab) – GOLD STANDARD TEST

Molecular PCR Tests are COVID-19 tests are most accurate in results and hence are sent out to a partner lab to be processed.  DO NOT select this if you need an urgent response.  These are often used by employers to test employees or anyone who does not have an urgent need to get a PCR result back.  The lab is currently averaging 1-2 days based on the current demand.

The cost of the molecular PCR Test is $0 (covered by most insurances or free through the HRSA government fund) if you have been exposed or around someone who is positive. If you are testing for any other reason, you may receive a bill from the Lab.

Click for Molecular PCR COVID-19 Tests Registration Form (Results in 1-2 days)


  • Please scan above QR Code using your Camera app.
  • Make sure all information is complete and correct.
  • A picture of ID and insurance card is mandatory (if the patient is a minor, please use the ID of a parent and/or guardian and make note of this circumstance.)


  • Escanee el código QR anterior con la aplicación de su cámara.
  • Asegúrese de que toda la información esté completa y sea correcta.
  • Es obligatoria una foto de identificación y tarjeta de seguro (si el paciente es menor de edad, utilice la identificación de un padre o tutor y tome nota de esta circunstancia).

Click here to make your appointment for RTPCR testing.

(You must have registered using above link before you make an appointment.)


  • Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. If you need to come earlier or later, you do not need to call or email to inform us, you can come up until 3:15PM on weekdays.
  • Drive to Valley Medical Pharmacy (upon arriving to the complex, drive around to the BACK PARKING LOT of the pharmacy. Only AFTER you arrive, please call our Pharmacy at 760-344-6303.
  • Please inform our team member the following: 1) First & Last Name, 2) You are here for your LAB-SENT MOLECULAR PCR TEST, and 3) Verify your relevant information entered online, mainly correct e-mail address and phone number (to receive results via email and text) in timely manner.
  • A specialist will come out to your car & hand you a nasal swab.  How to perform the test: Insert the nasal swab in EACH nostril, go high up until you feel a tickle or sensation and twirl or circle 3-5 times.  Insert that nasal swab into the sleeve it came out of.  Once completed, please pass the nasal swab back to our team.
  • Once you pass the Nasal Swab back to our team in its sleeve, you are ready to go.

You will receive your PCR results within 1-2 days.  You will be EMAILED and TEXTED results directly from the lab (Genesis Labs).  If you do not receive the results AFTER 2 days since tested, please contact the lab directly as 732-389-1530 as our pharmacy team does not have access to your results.